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The Toy Dolls

The Receiver Years-Receiver-4CD Album Box Set-New & Sealed


New & Sealed


Artist: The Toy Dolls
Title: The Receiver Years
Label: Receiver
Cat No: RRXCD 504
Format: 4CD Album Box Set
Country: UK
Released: 1994
CD Grade: New & Sealed


Wakey Wakey!
01. Introduction
02. Wakey Wakey Intro
03. Lester Fiddled The Tax Man
04. Pot Belly Bill 3:06
05. One Night In Moscow (& We'll Be Russian Home!)
06. Cloughy Is A Bootboy!
07. Sabre Dance
08. Daveys Took The Plunge
09. There's A Trollop Up Elmwood Street
10. No Particular Place To Go
11. Poverty Pleadin' Peter
12. Blaze Of The Borough
13. Wakey Wakey Outro
14. Goodnight Irene

01. Absurd-ditties
02. I'm A Telly Addict!
03. Terry Talking
04. Ernie Had A Hernia
05. Toccata In Dm
06. My Wife's A Psychopath!
07. Sod The Neighbours
08. Melancholy Margaret
09. Drooling Banjos
10. Alecs Gone
11. When You're Jimmy Saville
12. Caught Up The Reeperbahn!
13. Dez The Demon Decorator
14. Absurd-ditties

Fat Bob's Feet
01. Gloomy Intro/ Toy Doll Tonic
02. Fat Bob's Feet!
03. We Quit The Cavalry
04. The Sphinx Stinks
05. Rodney's Memory
06. Olga Crack Corn
07. Bitten By A Bed Bug!
08. Kids In Tyne & Wear
09. Frankie's Got The Blues
10. A Bunch O'Fairies
11. Yellow Burt
12. Back In '79
13. The Coppers Copt Ken's Cash!
14. Toy Doll Tonic/ Gloomy Outro
15. Turtle Crazy!

Twenty Two Tunes Live From Tokyo
01. Wakey Wakey Intro
02. Dig That Groove Baby
03. Cloughy Is A Bootboy
04. Lambrusco Kid
05. I've Got Asthma
06. Peter Practices Practice Place
07. Deidre's A Slag
08. Ashbrooke Launderette
09. Bless You My Son
10. My Girlfriends Dad's A Vicar
11. Spiders In The Dressing Room
12. Popeye Medley
13. She Goes To Finos
14. Fisticuffs In Frederick Street
15. Harry Cross
16. Glenda & The Test Tube Baby
17. Wakey Wakey Outro
18. When The Saints
19. Wipe Out
20. Nellie The Elephant
21. Sabre Dance
22. Blue Suede Shoes

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