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Step into Christmas

Posted on November 09 2016

Step Into Christmas vinyl blog

Maybe scents like cinnamon spice and tangerines will help lift the Christmas spirit level. Festive fairy lights and cosy candles can bring a sentimental tear to your eye, but nothing like music to bring you straight back to Christmases gone by. Music is so emotive and will move you, make you sing out loud, hum and tra-la-la-la while you decorate the tree or get the last presents wrapped.


Slade sits comfortably at the top of every Christmas single chart show with ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’. The song stayed in the UK charts for 9 weeks in 1973-74 and has re-entered for many years after. Noddy Holder says of the song, "Once I got the line, 'Does your Granny always tell you that the old ones are the best', I knew I'd got a right cracker on my hands". You sure did Noddy! If you are interested the single on CD or 7" or anything else Noddy has to say about the time and life with Slade, why not pick up ‘Who’s Crazee Now’ or a signed copy of ‘The World According to Noddy’ available from Shakedown Records.

Noddy Holder/ Slade(Paperback Book)Noddy Holder: Who's Crazee Now

Noddy Holder/ Slade(Hardback Book)The World According To Noddy Signed










End of 1984 Bob Geldorf managed, without help from mobile phones and email, to get together the top of British pop, who formed the supergroup of all supergroups, Band Aid. They all got out of bed early in the morning of Sunday November 25 and recorded the hit charity single ‘Do They Know it’s Christmas’. The single was highly successful worldwide and of course led the way to Global charity phenomenon Live Aid in the summer of 1985, in aid to help end the famine in Ethiopia. The tune still sends gives us goose bumps 30 odd years on and we know it’s Christmas at the first drum beats.

Band Aid-Do They Know It's Christmas?-7" Vinyl


Shakedown Records stock a wide range of Christmas music to ease you through a hectic month and end to the year whether you love King College Cambridge choir song, if the Bach or Handel’s Christmas Oratories make your day or are a festive fan of the Christmas cracker of pop tunes.

-oh and if you are fresh out of Christmas cards, check out ‘Lee Perry’s Merry Christmas, Happy New Year 12’’, which includes a festive card featuring Lee Perry, trust us it’ll bring joy to any reggae fan.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from us all at Shakedown Records


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